Spectra Wants to Know "How You Doin'?" at All Constant Center Events

Spectra Venue Management, operators of the Ted Constant Convocation Center on the campus of Old Dominion University, have adopted a new customer service philosophy and catch phrase based off the simple question of “How You Doin’?”

Employees at the Constant Center are now greeting all visitors with a smile and a “How You Doin’?,” according to Global Spectrum’s Doug Higgons, General Manager of the Constant Center.

“We want to go above and beyond our customers’ expectations,” said Higgons. “Our How You Doin’ philosophy is a company wide customer service program where the customer is always first. We want to ensure that each and every customer has the best experience each and every time they visit with us.”

Global Spectrum wants every visitor’s first impression and lasting impression to be a positive one. The “How You Doin’?” program encourages the staff to go out of their way to make every guest feel more comfortable and show them that they are treated with royalty at the Constant Center.

“Our customers are our Most Valuable Players in our business,” said Peter Luukko, President of Comcast-Spectacor and Chairman of Global Spectrum. “We will do whatever it takes to make our guests have the best possible experience each and every time they come to our facilities or come in contact with our employees.”

By asking the simple question of “How You Doin’?” the staff at the Constant Center can constantly evaluate the satisfaction and enjoyment of every guest that enters the building! It is the best way for the company to continue to provide the greatest customer satisfaction to all of its guests and to continue to help them enjoy the event or their experience in the best way possible.

“After all, our customers are our most important asset and their experiences are what count the most,” said Higgons. “This newly adopted philosophy gives our customers a chance to provide us with feedback on how we’re doing, as well as a chance to let us know how they’re doing.”

The new customer service program not only encourages all staff to engage in conversation with guests at events, but also to incorporate the entire “How You Doin’?” philosophy into their daily lives.

Top Ten “How You Doin’?” Customer Service Principles:

  1. Customer First
  2. Golden Rule
  3. Listen
  4. Think “YES”
  5. Be Professional
  1. Positive Attitude
  2. 24-Hour Rule
  3. Everybody Sells
  4. Enthusiasm
  5. Do It Now

The Constant Center will reward its employees who excel in this new customer service initiative with prizes. This recognition of employee excellence can come from both customers and other employees. Fans are encouraged to participate in the rewards program by nominating an employee who exemplifies the new customer service philosophy.

If you’d like to give us any suggestions on how we can make your experience here at the Ted Constant Convocation Center more enjoyable or you would like to nominate an employee who demonstrated the “How You Doin’?” philosophy, please e-mail us.

Employees Of The Quarter:

The following employees have been recognized for exemplifying the "How You Doin" Philosophy this past quarter:

Event Staff:  Brandon Best

Parking:  Jerry Noell

Video Crew:  James Castro

Box Office:  Ashania Richards

Operations:  Marcus Smith

Reception:  Al Quashie

Housekeeping:  Degail McFadden