Sep 24, 2013

Sigur Ros

Sep 24, 2013
Seating Chart
$35 General Admission Additional Fees May Apply
Sep 24, 2013 - (Tue)
7:00 pm

The Rolling Stone named Sigur Ros on its “50 Greatest Live Acts Right Now” list. You can’t miss this show on September 24th! To read more about Sigur Ros in Rolling Stone CLICK HERE.

Jón Þór "Jónsi" Birgisson (guitar and vocals), Georg Hólm (bass) and Ágúst Ævar Gunnarsson (drums) formed the group in Reykjavík in August 1994. Their name is Icelandic wordplay: while the individual words Sigur and Rós mean, respectively, Victory and Rose, "Victory Rose" wouldn't be grammatically correct; the name is actually borrowed from Jónsi's younger sister Sigurrós, who was born the same day as the band was formed, and then split into two words. They soon won a record deal with the local Sugarcubes-owned record label, Bad Taste. In 1997, they released Von, meaning "hope" and in 1998 a remix collection named Von brigði. This name is also Icelandic wordplay: Vonbrigði means "disappointment", but Von brigði means "variations on Von". The band was joined by Kjartan Sveinsson on keyboards in 1998. He is the only member of Sigur Rós with musical training, and has contributed most of the orchestral and string arrangements for their later work.

Sigur Rós will play Ted Constant Center, September 24 as part of their U.S. leg of the 18 month globe spanning tour. This tour will reach deep into North America, playing some of the biggest shows of their career in some of the country’s most renowned venues, anxiously awaiting the release of their hard-rocking album Kveikur next week. (Album will be released, June 18.)

Tickets to Sigur Rós are priced at $35 for general admission seats and are on-sale now. Tickets may be purchased online at by dialing 877-Ynot-Tix, or at the Constant Center Box Office. Additional fees may apply.

Starting today, you can stream Kveikur, the band’s first release on XL Recordings worldwide, in its entirety via! The Icelandic three-piece - Jón Þór Birgisson, Georg Holm and Orri Páll Dýrason – have already given us a taste of the new album on the American late-night circuit, performing on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and The Tonight Show with Jay Leno

PRESS HERE to watch their Leno performance! Sigur Rós also made a special guest appearance and scored part of the season finale episode of The Simpsons.

PRESS HERE to watch the video for “Kveikur”, made exclusively out of live show visuals.

PRESS HERE to watch the stunningly eerie video for “Brennisteinn”, directed by Andrew Huang.

PRESS HERE to watch the lyric video – a Sigur Rós first! – for “Ísjaki”.